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Meet our volunteers



October 2018

Born and raised in Network but later moved to Seattle working as a Child Care Expert and a modern day Philosopher . Bonnie was a very quiet and a strict Environmentalist living a purely natural life. She was ever quiet yet always so thoughtful. She always stood out as a sharp witted intellectual asset who always took her time before coming up with a proposal which either centred on promoting the rights of animals or the conservation of the environment.This was her first time in Africa and what brought her was the simplicity of our program which combines children and the Environment.

She brought a new dimension in our Climate Change Campaign moving it a notch higher to include Institutions of higher learning. Before her arrival, we were planting in Primary Schools. She thronged institutions of higher learning to bring on institutes like, Jinja School of Nursing and the international Institute of Health Sciences. She wasn’t done! She challenged us to take the Climate Change Campaign to the Police Barracks in Kimaka – Jinja.

Overall, participated in our Climate Change Campaigns and conducted tree planting in Schools like, St Nicholas, Holy Cross, Nakanyonyi Primary, Vic View, Jinja School of Nursing, International institute of Health Sciences, St Andrews Primary. She also taught renewable Energy in Kanama and built capacity of our Community Green Club of Buwolero and Kanama.

REMI VON (Australia)

October 2018

Born and raised in Victoria – Australia, Remi had a snap volunteering stint with us between 1st to 12 October 2018. A professional Environmental Engineer with a strong passion for the Environment, he was a rare breed of a Climate Soldier, a workaholic, versatile and a professional.
Since his arrival, he influenced our team with his sophisticated planning skills and relentless execution rhythm. He volunteered at a time when Bonnie was also in the house and together they made a perfect combination of sophisticated minds. Remi taught Climate Change to school kids , taught renewable energy to rural women in Kanama Village He together with children planted trees in Schools like, Nakanyonyi Primary, St Nicholas, MM1 – Wanyange, VicView Primary, Holy Cross.




Travelled all the way from Belgium to volunteer with us in Uganda. Camille was self driven and fearless. A true Climate Soldier, a hustler and battle hardened young woman who meant business as far as Climate Change mitigation is concerned. She had to sell her Restaurant Franchise in Belgium in order to travel to Africa to achieve this.
Camiile thrilled the Schools Tree Project Team when she scouted all the schools where tree planting was to be conducted all by herself inspite of the fact that she had never been to the country before. She volunteered with us in 2018, teaching school children about Climate Change and planting trees with them in schools like, Main Street Primary School, Shiloh Nile Star Pri School, Bosmo Junior School- both in Njeru and Holy Cross Primary School plus St Jude Primary situated in Bugembe Jinja.



From Munich – Germany came Ronnie Ebeling a student in her Vacation , whose parents were a little hesitant for the young girl to travel to a place they had never even thought of going- Uganda. But Ronja, or Ronnie as she prefers to be called, had other plans.

Her elder sister chose to go to travel to Australia for vacation, she chose to travel to Uganda for a 3 weeks volunteering expedition with The Schools Tree Project. She taught school children about Climate Change , planted trees and taught Renewable Energy in schools like, Namilyango Junior School, Victoria Nile School, Multiple Junior School and Main Street Primary School. Ronnie is always remembered as person of few words but more action oriented. Her role as far as Climate Change Mitigation is concerned, is nothing but pure gold.



MARC and MINERVA (Spain)


Both born and raised in Barcelona- Spain, the couple chose to leave the comfort of watching their favourite team- Barcelona behind Camp Nou and instead travelled to Uganda for a 2 weeks volunteering stint with the Schools Tree Project.

The couple took us by storm when they unveiled the Community Tree Planting and Renewable Energy Project which had all along been restricted to schools. They moved deep down Jinja and Mayuge’s rural areas with precision and passion teaching kids about Climate Change and women about Renewable Energy and tree planting. They engaged rural women in the making of Briquettes( affordable renewable energy as an alternative to firewood).

As their volunteering stint was coming to a close end,the couple didn’t relish the idea of returning to Europe were life is pretty fast. They cancelled their flight for an extra week to enjoy the beauty and hospitality of Uganda- The Pearl of Africa.

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